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Our Breezy Basecamp


Our first order of business the day Mary quit her job and we knew there was no turning back, was to acquire a super inspiring, breezy…and ”affordable” work space. On that very day, in a familiar scene in which Amy dropped her keys, a voice offering help behind her turned into what would days later be our beloved landlord. Turns out, he had an extra space next door to one of Nashville’s favorite tacos spots. We both immediately loved the location (brisket tacos forever, duh?), but the space needed some work. The carpet was a not-so-plush shag in blood orange. The walls were camouflage. Literally CAMOUFLAGED – with sponge paint. What crafty hunter officed in this space before us?? One can only speculate. But with camouflage walls and an immoveable mid century modern desk at the top of our narrow spiral staircase (not sure how it got there to begin with) we rolled up our sleeves and embraced the challenge of making this place our own.

It was a Saturday, and we had enlisted the help of a few good friends to help us with the minor demolition. We ripped up that carpet and painted the walls a white so bright we joke we’re incapable of having an aesthetically cloudy day ever. Little did we know that as we worked, the single largest disaster to hit middle Tennessee since the Civil War was in full effect just outside our walls. It was the weekend of the devastating Nashville Flood (May 2010). In the coming days, the community around us began to rebuild. So did we.

We decided to salvage the desk and painted the exposed plywood floors a light grey. We assembled  found objects from vintage music stores, flea markets and oversees travel. As a finishing touch we hung a vintage Peugeot from our vaulted ceiling. We love our loft. It’s served us well. 3 years and counting…