Amy’s take on Christmas tradition:

I can remember the moment the whole Christmas tree thing changed for me. I use to have nothing to do with it. Frankly, I  hated the mess and I thought the tacky decorating took too much time and effort. Then one Thanksgiving a couple years back, a group of friends came and picked me up from the airport from a long week of vacation with my family.
Waiting on the curb at BNA, I looked up to see a silver station wagon with frantic arms waving out the windows. Christmas tunes blaring, I could see three santa hat heads bouncing around inside. I will never forget the feeling of joy and surprise I felt as my friends jumped out of the car (screaming) and scooped me up for a jolly group hug. Little did I know that was just the beginning of it.
My dark and empty house had been transformed. I turned on the lights to see the happiest Christmas tree decorated and glowing in my living room. Cookies were ready to be baked in the fridge. It was Christmas on Red Bull at my house. This night was one of my favorite moments with this crew of good friends and I have been sure to get a tree every year since. These days I pump up the Christmas tunes on vinyl and am quick to embrace the pine needle-y mess.

Also, I / we love Christmas cards. Please send them to PO BOX 158058 Nashville, TN 37215.