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It’s easy to forget the earth is split right down the middle almost perfectly into two different regions – two halves of the same planet experiencing opposite weather patterns simultaneously. While here in the Northern Hemisphere we’re de-pilling our sweaters and looking forward to less yard work and more football, our friends in the Southern half of the globe are stocking up on popsicles and filling up their pools. And year after year, like clockwork, our earth spins in this very same rhythm.

I don’t know about you, but there’s always something a little “angst-y” about this time of year. Temperatures haven’t had time to drop but it’s September and we’re back to our routines. We’re officially entering the fall season and though it happens like this every single year, I always feel a little caught off guard. Just when I was starting to feel acclimated, outdoor festivals move indoors, summer camp ends and it’s back-to-school and work. One way we’re combatting that “Surprise-It’s-Fall!” panic is by turning apprehension into purposeful anticipation. What do I want my rhythm to be this season? How can I bring the spontaneity of summer into my fall routine? What do I want to accomplish before 2016?

Much like the two hemispheres, two people can look at the same picture and see different shapes. They can watch a movie – one loves it while the other hates it. We approach life in general like this too. Some see endings as beginnings and problems as opportunities. Given the choice, we’d rather be the beginnings and opportunities kind of people. We want our company to follow that pattern too. So…we’ll ask you what we’re asking ourselves, “What does it look like to fall ahead this year?

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