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 We couldn’t be more excited that it is March because while there may still be ice on the ground for some of us, there is hope in our hearts for longer days and lighter clothing. To be doubly certain we escape the finicky temperament of spring in Tennessee, we’ve decided to hit the left coast for a stint and get a head start on The Great Thaw.

This month’s email we’ve kept to a minimum in exchange for a few extra minutes of packing time and a moment of gratitude to rightly bid a blistery season adieu. Warm soup, we love you (6 out of every 7 days). Phone conversations with friends that live too far away, being on both the giving & receiving end of thank you notes through the holiday season, crowds huddled close for live music, blankets in every room, fire pits & hot tea for days. For these things we are thankful, Mr. Winter. Now quickly onto spring . . .

‘It was one of those March Days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.’

– Charles Dickens, Great Expectations 

At my house growing up we had bookshelves.  These shelves weren’t just for decoration. No. They were actually lined with books, and more importantly, served as home to our super heavy, bright and shiny volumes of the Encyclopedia Brittanica. What space was left we utilized for Dad’s multiple box sets of Charles Dickens novels.

So in this not-so-subtle shout out to my dad, we wish you the happiest month of thawing out, with just the perfect amount of cool wind and sunlight, hinting that summer is on its way.

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