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Every summer has a story.

Surely our time is nothing without our memories to mark its passing. There’s a certain brand of memory that comes with summertime, its slowed pace, heated haze and fragrant honeysuckle. The summer of the first West Coast road trip, the summer your sister got married, the summer of the cicadas, and the summer you hoped would never end.  Perhaps you’re designating space this season for curiosity and unexpected adventure in the bright green, cricket laden outdoors or you’re finally tackling that thing you’ve been planning for. Whatever this summer’s story might be for you, remember there are pools to be swum in and picnics to be packed and more daylight hours to be noticed. Perhaps the simplest way to experience summer is to take part in it with loose plans (and subsequently overgrown hedges).

For June 2015, our tale at Milkglass will be one of follow through. For months we’ve been gearing up for the release of a new full length Sugar and the Hi-Lows record and June 23rd is the big day. The band, including our own Amy Stroup, has been hard at work writing new songs and trying them out on tour with Ingrid Michaelson, Kacey Musgraves and now on their own as headliners. In addition, next month’s calendar will be sent from sunny LA as part of our team works from the west coast, making progress on some long term goals.

Need some new summer music?! Always, right?!  Be sure to check out the new album High Roller out June 23rd.  (tip: this month’s Spotify playlist features the title track)

If flowers aren’t your thing, you’re in luck. We’re issuing two wallpaper options this month! Celebrate the new album release with this special edition lyric download and it’s oh-so-true words: “Cuz the bees left the trees doesn’t mean there ain’t honey inside.”


Download the June Desktop Wallpaper.

Download the special edition Sugar + The Hi-Lows desktop wallpaper.

Click to listen our Milkglass ‘HoneySuckle’ Spotify Playlist.