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JUly_BLOG1Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool. – FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR

Summertime makes a heart swell with happy in a way no other season can. Perhaps it’s because people are less prone to ask questions when you duck out of work for a few hours (or days) to go play. Let’s face it, the very best summers are often marked by somewhat unbalanced work:play ratios.

And why is it that creative productivity nearly always increases when the engines are turned down and the “doing” gets paused?! We’re taking on this equation first hand this summer. Will let you know the outcome but so far we have five handmade bowls, a few rickety roller coaster rides, one moving van (welcome to Nashville, Jose!), ocean views for days and some priceless new inspiration to show for some intentional resetting.

Not gonna lie, at times it has felt like losing an arm to slow down and recharge. When we’re tempted to go back into our default high gear, we simply return to the wise rap stylings of a 90’s Will Smith. (Still working on our head swivel)

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