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Well, folks. We’ve nearly made it to the end of this project we’ve been calling A Year of Simple. As with so many things, it’s been the perseverance of process that has most significantly marked the year long experiment. We wondered what it would look like to have a monthly goal of creating non-client work. This meant making margin for the important task of creating and taking time to reflect. Making it a public project for our friends and clients is what made it stick. Thanks for the accountability, guys =).

So here we are well into the thick of Christmas celebrations and holiday fanfare, and we’re grateful for the gift of new perspective that we’ve gained from this choice to make art and make time. The energy and thought it takes to birth something meaningful every four weeks has (in even the smallest of ways) forced us to live intentionally and check in our goals with each passing month. With the advent season now upon us, we’re bookending the experience with thoughtful considerations for the busiest time of our calendar year.

Your holiday may not look like what you thought or hoped it would. Family may include your spouse and kids or it may look like a table full of friends who star in your life at the moment. Collect and borrow from their traditions and create new ones all your own. Take time to take it all in. Allow things to change and take on new shapes but most importantly, enjoy the rich process of expectation — the best part of the season. Carry it with you like a tree on the roof of your car. Place it in the center of your house and cover it with lights so you can’t possibly forget that this season comes with a Savior.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ~Norman Vincent Peale

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