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DESKTOP WALLPAPER | Aaww, gust. Time for a remix.


It’s true. August arrived FAST. Unlike so many years before, however, we can honestly say that this year we have been “sufficiently summered” and are filling refreshed, alive, and fully opened up as a result. Mission accomplished.

So much inspiration is found in new scenery and nothing compares to feeling fully alive to explore a new day.  Perhaps Richard Rohr puts it best in his book, Falling Upward:

“Their world is opened up, the screen
becomes much larger, and they do too.”
– Richard Rohr

We live in a great big world… perhaps leaving home only helps us see it. Iceland A few observations made on the road to and from home:

  • Texas, you are hot as sriracha.
  • LA, your weather is perfect and makes up for any insults hurled against you in your more traffick-y moments.
  • Nothing blows a girl’s cover as an outsider like Siri’s “ARRIVED” declaration from your purse.
  • Summer evenings spent with the glow of a late night read are preferred in all ways to the call of Netflix.
  • Sometimes the best conversations occur with strangers when we decide we’re not in a hurry. Often these strangers become friends.
  • It’s healthy to feel small in a big city from time to time. …we find we’re more likely to try (or get tricked into) new things when everything is new and falls into the category of “adventure.”
  • Though counterintuitive, physical distance really can confirm our closeness of connection to people in our lives
  • And lastly, when the bowl you’re throwing decides to collapse on the wheel, there’s still hope for making a really great plate.

Pssst. Summer’s not over just yet! If you haven’t already, there’s still time to mix things up.

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